Who We Are

Hello All and whats going on?

I have been an entrepreneur all my life, even when I couldn’t spell it.  Whether door-to-door, in a store or on-line, it’s business I love.  Since the beginning, my Mom and I have been a team.  Like life, business has it’s ups and downs.  And over all these years, we have always figured out how to make it through.  These experiences have taught so many lessons.  And a big part of this style of business is helping others.  Whether you are looking for a part time side business to earn some extra cash or a full time entrepreneur life style, we can help.  Come along on the journey – it will be fun and rewarding.

It’s not magic – it’s math.  You work hard for your money and it’s important to keep as much as possible.  The Profit Rocker is here to help you do just that.  Improve your operations.  Reduce Expenses.  Learn new techniques and strategies. Increase Efficiencies.  Network with other business owners.  Eliminate the many mistakes on the learning curve.

The Profit Rocker offers workshops, seminars, and classes.  Private coaching is also available from our staff of experts.
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